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As a Peter Beaton customer, you help make the world a better place.    Best of all, your impact is tri-fold: Our N underscore logo is an original design by and the official charity logo of Peter Beaton, Inc. This season, proceeds from the sales of N merchandise goes to Nantucket Wheelers, an innovative wheelchair biking program that is designed to re-connect Nantucket's 4th Quartarians with the great outdoors, their families, and the community at large. We are focusing on the elderly first, because they appear to be the most isolated group in our community. When '4th Quartarians' lose their normal ability to function, they often end up cloistered from the outside world, suffer from depression, and gradually lose their will to live.  Reconnecting these precious folks with the great outdoors and the community at large will give them renewed hope and joy, something to look forward to, and something to talk about! For more information or to participate in this incredibly worthwhile initiative, please visit



When you purchase a 'Born to be Wild' T-shirt, you will be supporting Green Harbors® initiative to help restore water quality in Nantucket harbor. Did you know that an adult oyster filters 50 gallons of water per day? This project involves placing oysters in areas where saltmarshes, eelgrass, and scallop beds are being adversely effected by excessive nutrients like fertilizers. Unlike oysters being aquacultured on flat beds in pristine areas of Nantucket Harbor, these oysters grow wild in clusters and are not intended for consumption--they are "Born to be Wild". For more information please visit the Green Harbors Project and contact the Director,  T-shirts may be purchased at


When you purchase a Hydrex watch or wristband, 100% of the proceeds goes toward building water wells in underserved communites worldwide through our partnership with Compassion International. Purchase a $20 Hydrex wristband and you will be providing access to clean drinking water for one person for a lifetime. Purchase a $500 Hydrex watch and you will be providing access to clean drinking water for 25 people for a lifetime! 5000 children die everyday from water borne disease. By making this simple purchase, you will be making a world of difference. To purchase Hydrex merchandise, please visit For more information on our water projects, please visit: